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Everybody Loves Tulsa




  • Philbrook Library Panels

  • Fire in Little Africa Curriculum

  • WNYC History Channel Project

  • Gilcrease Gates Collection

  • Philbrook Evening of Poetry Reading

  • Those Who Stayed (Anthology)



  • Book Launch and Party for the skin of dreams: new & collected poems 1995-2018 

  • Memories & Inspiration at Gilcrease Musuem January 24, 2020 - August 2, 2020

    • Tri-City was the guest curator on this exhibit

    • Read about the exhibit here.

  • Gilcrease After Hours: Memories & Inspiration

  • Focus: Black Oklahoma Fundraiser with Miss Leona Mitchell

  • I Can't Breathe-Black Lives Matter Rally

  • Juneteenth Event

  • FBO Coverage of Trump Rally on Juneteenth Weekend

  • Dismantling Racism three-part series - Summer 2020

  • Dismantling Racism three-part series - Fall 2020

  • State of the Artist – Election Night Event at Admiral Twin

  • Truth to Power – Philbrook Event

  • Wake up and Fight, protest poetry workshop partnered with WGC  

  • Verse Journalism Workshop:  The poet as all seeing eye

  • The Book of your Life:  An Adult Memoir Writing Workshop

  • Virtual Camp:  Hip Hop Poetics

  • Combat Pay – Live Poetry Stream

  • First Friday Community Salon

  • Circle Cinema “Cineverse” 

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