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Namesake Workshop
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The Namesake Project provides students the opportunity to research their school and/or community “namesake(s)” and origins as a catalyst for creating a piece of critical, place-based writing. Students who participate in our workshops have the opportunity to be published in an anthology, which offers greater visibility and validation to their commitment of building writing skills.


This year's Namesake Anthology will be published and ready for distribution Spring 2023.

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The Namesake Project is a community outreach initiative facilitated by Tri-City Collective and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship

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Program goals & desired outcomes
  • The Namesake Project offers community art and engagement for students across several platforms;

  • Place-based writing to help students forge a deeper connection to their community;

  • Gaining the knowledge that even the name of a school is fraught with history, politics, and power;

  • Honing research skills;

  • An understanding of the context of their community, along with its values and changing priorities;

  • Engagement with working artists to better comprehend the writing life and practice;

  • Embedding the importance of writing in strengthening identity, community, and educational development.

Program Leader

Quraysh Ali Lansana is a poet, author and educator. He is author of nine poetry books, three textbooks, four children's books, editor of eight anthologies, and coauthor of a book of pedagogy. He is Tulsa Artist Fellow, Director for the Center for Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation and a Professor at Oklahoma State University – Tulsa.

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