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Calling All Teens!
 Be a  Teen Talk Ambassador ! 

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Teen Talk Ambassador
Job Description

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Tri-City Collective is seeking Teen Ambassadors who will plan and implement Teen Talk, a monthly, live-curated panel discussion driven by teens for teens. Providing a voice and platform for often voiceless young people is at the heart of this series. Teen Talk events will be held at different participating high schools.


Skills/Character - Must be:

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Connects well with others

  • Engaged

  • Vocal



  • Attend Orientation 

  • Recruit audience members from your school for curated session 

  • Attend 6 of 8 Teen Talk sessions 

  • Attend monthly planning sessions 

  • Provide own transportation to and from meetings and Teen Talk events, including other high schools

  • Help set up and break down before and after Teen Talk events

  • Curate one topic/session (Additional $100.00, see description below)

  • Approximate time commitment: 4 hours monthly as Teen Ambassador; 7-10 hours for the month of curating 

Curator responsibilities (one session):

  • Seek to understand the types of challenges teenagers face and/or the types of topics they are interested in hearing about/discussing

  • Work with other Teen Ambassadors to identify topics to be discussed at each Teen Talk event

  • Identify and recruit host and panelists for Teen Talk events

  • Communicate with host and panelists about their specific duties for the panel discussion 

  • Work with participating high school to promote Teen Talk events

  • Assist in working with the school in advance to make sure tech needs will be met and seating arrangement is suitable for the event

Monthly Stipend: $75 per month. Duration: 8 months 

Apply Today!

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Teen Talk Application
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