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Lori Walden (she/her)

Lori Walden is the Business Manager for Tri-City Collective and “by day” is the Operations Manager for a global insurance broker. She is also an ambassador for Arthur J. Gallagher’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board and serves on their Community Outreach Committee.  She returned to her hometown of Tulsa in 2011 after living in Chicago and Houston for more than a decade. She has been in business operations and management for over 20 years. Her expertise includes administrative management, human resources, client relations, organization and research, project coordination, and marketing design.  

In her spare time, Lori loves cooking, mentoring and volunteering at John Hope Franklin Elementary (formally ECDC Bunche), care-giving, spending quality time with her family, and collaborating with friends who are equally passionate about advocating for social justice and racial equality.

A favorite quote of hers by Albert Einstein is “creativity is intelligence having fun”.  Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you are artistic or musical, but it does mean that your brain is designed in a way that helps you solve problems, think up new ideas and approach situations with a new perspective.

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