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Tri-City Collection Mentioned in the New York Times


"The exhibition, “From the Limitations of Now,” is accompanied by a constellation of community engagement projects with Black-led organizations, Tri-City Collective, Fulton Street Books, and Silhouette — a sneaker shop in Greenwood, or Black Wall Street as it is better known.

The idea for the exhibition originated with Quraysh Ali Lansana, a Tulsa-based author and academic who is a founding member of the education group the Tri-City Collective. In 2019, he called on the Philbrook — which is in Tulsa’s wealthy, white South Side — to mark the centennial.

Mr. Lansana said it was important to him, and to Black Tulsa, for institutions on the South Side to acknowledge the day in 1921 when white mobs burned down Black Wall Street."

Picture of an American Flag in shades of green hangin in a domed ceiling.
A work by Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen called “Untitled (a flag for John Lewis or a green screen placeholder for an America that is yet to be)” is on display at the Philbrook Museum of Art in an exhibition exploring artistic responses to racial violence.Credit...Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen; Bhadri Verduzco/Philbrook Museum of Art

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