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Nick Alexandrov (he/him)

Nick Alexandrov spent 30 years on the East Coast before moving to Tulsa in 2017. He has only a few regrets about that decision. When not exploring his new hometown, he road trips and hikes out West, and visits family and friends in New England and Washington, D.C.

To make money, he teaches history and literature to teenagers, some of whom take him seriously. He got a B.A. in Literature from Yale in 2008, then a Ph.D. in History from The George Washington University in 2016.

Nick also writes about U.S. foreign policy, covering topics like the drug war, human rights in Central and Latin America, and border issues. His articles have appeared in Asia Times, CounterPunch, and The Root, and have been referenced in pieces published by the Center for American Progress, the London School of Economics, and Project Censored.

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