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Crystal Patrick (she/her)

Crystal Patrick is a native of Tulsa, and attended Tulsa Public schools her entire life. After graduating from high school in 1997, she attended the University of Oklahoma, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree  in Multidisciplinary Studies, and minored in African and African-American Studies. She has experience​ in several ​different fields, including Sales and Marketing for a local retail business, as well as Child Welfare Specialist for the Department of Human Services.  

The knowledge she acquired ultimately led her to become a ​classroom teacher, and she valued the time spent with the future of our community. Although no longer in the classroom, she still teaches through various programs offered by some of the largest foundations in Oklahoma. Her journey has now led her to take the helm as Executive Director of the non profit Racismstinks Society, a diverse coalition of people unified in the task of bringing racial equity and healing to their community. ​Crystal is also an artist, with jewelry ​and creative writing ​being her primary art ​forms. ​She is the mother of two teenagers, who keep her life full. 

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