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We educate children and adults.

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We facilitate important conversations

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Tri-City Collective, Inc. was founded in 2016 by seasoned educators with a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and providing learning & artistic opportunities outside the classroom for youth and adults.


The Collective’s work is driven by a passion for social justice and creative expression, with the understanding that every human has thoughts worth listening to and should have access to platforms to be heard.

Tri-City Collective engages in the “idea business.”   

Education, understanding, and respect are at the core of Tri-City Collective projects. And the Collective’s diverse membership reflects the world we want to create.

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Parallel Lines
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Dr. View,

Fire in Little Africa

Executive Producer

Many organizations theorize about their love for community, but only a select few can actualize and execute their missions.

Tri-City recognizes the importance of centering communal education, lived experience and creative justice. Tri-City is collective knowledge production. Tri-City is ancestral work.

Alison Rossi,

Gilcrease Museum

Director of Learning &

Community Engagement

Through Tri-City Collective, we have paved new pathways for connecting with communities. They are trusted collaborators we can count on to produce creative, relevant, thoughtful, stimulating, and professional content and projects.


Nehemiah Frank, 

Black Wall Street Times

Founder &


Focus Black Oklahoma relaunches at a critical time in our state’s history -- the Centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. As we commemorate where we have been and where we are going, FBO is positioned and equipped with talented journalists who will help elevate Black authenticity to the airways. We are grateful for their leadership.

Praise for Tri-City Collective

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